Sam Smetana started playing a little classical guitar in Clancy, Montana when he was nine, and when he decided it would be cooler, he switched to playing electric bass in rock bands. 

Throughout his teens, he played with a pop/rock band called The Goodnight that toured the toured around the US. That group developed an audience around the country and got endorsement deals from music manufacturers, t-shirt companies, and an energy drink company that will remain anonymous (unless you're lucky). They signed to Twilight Records and put out a full-length album in Japan and a handful of EPs before they all decided to move to Los Angeles.

Sam eventually decided to leave the band and move North to go to college at UC Berkeley. He got to study with Mimi Fox, Jeff Massanari, and plenty of other inspiring jazz and classical musicians between making music with friends and learning to find his way around whatever new instruments he could get his hands on.

He now focuses on teaching and continuing to develop his craft while making folk music with close friends all around the Bay area.